General Court of the Omsk region

Varnavsky Vladimir Alekseevich - The chairman of the legislative Assembly of the Omsk region

Address: Omsk, st. Krasnyj put, 1

Phone: 7-3812-241154, 7-3812-231941

Fax: 7-3812-231358



1.Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region performs legislative regulation of issues related to the Omsk region and issues under joint jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and the Omsk region within the limits of the Omsk region.

2.Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region according to the Charter (Fundamental law) of the Omsk region and the regional law monitors the observance and performance of regional laws, execution of the regional budget, observance of the established procedure of the disposition of the property of the Omsk region along with other authorized public authorities.

Department costs

Budget perfomance


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