The electoral commission of Omsk region

Nesterenko Alexey Nikolaevich - The chairman of the electoral commission of Omsk region

Address: Omsk, st. Krasnyj put, 1

Phone: 7-3812-245693

Fax: 7-3812-245693



The Commission is public authority of the Omsk region. The Commission organizes elections and referendums on the territory of Omsk region. The commission acts in accordance with the competence established by federal laws and the laws of the Omsk region. The commission manages the electoral commissions operating in the Omsk region within its powers. The commission controls over observance of electoral rights of citizens of the Russian Federation during elections to federal executive authorities, public and local self-governing authorities of the Omsk region and the right to participate in referendum for citizens of the Russian Federation. The commission uses efforts to provide legal, methodological, organizational and technical assistance to election and referendum commissions in the Omsk region.

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