The cultural environment becomes the key concept of the modern society and is not a separate part of state regulation, but a complex and layered system there problem solving should be comprehensive, taking into account many related factors and connecting the efforts of different agencies, public institutions and business.

The priorities of the government of Omsk region in this area are:

  1. Growth of the quality and availability of goods and services in the field of culture;
  2. Support ethnocultural development of the people living on the territory of Omsk region;
  3. Preservation and popularization of historical and cultural heritage of Omsk region;
  4. The introduction of modern technologies and increase of information resources in the cultural sphere;
  5. Development of material, technical and personnel support of cultural institutions.


The main areas of the industry

The art is in the details
Festivals and competitions
Fund of the creation of national cultural complex

Industry cost structure

Industry cost implementation


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