Physical culture and sport

Physical culture is the organic part of human culture, its unique independent area and one of the social activities area aimed at strengthening health and development of physical abilities. At the same time it is specific process and result of the human activity, a means and a method of physical improvement of the individual. Physical culture affects the vital parts of the individual received in the form of instincts, which are transmitted genetically and are developed in the process of life influenced by education, activities and environment.
In society, physical culture, as a heritage is an important tool of«education of the new man, in whom spiritual wealth, moral purity and physical perfection will be harmoniously combined».It contributes to improving social and labour activity of people, economic efficiency of production; physical movement is based on the multilateral activities of state and public organizations in physical culture and sports sphere.


The main areas of the industry

Physical culture and sport
Youth policy
Student labour groups
Youth volunteer movement "Alternative"
Leisure and recreation of the minors
Strategy of development of physical culture and sports in Russia until 2020

Industry cost structure

Industry cost implementation


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